NOURISH -  Locksmith 0-0-5 with endo mycorrhiza (Every POT flip) - Royal Knight Ag
NOURISH - Locksmith 0-0-5 with endo mycorrhiza (Every POT flip)

Highly concentrated micronized organic nutrients. treats 250 gallons of water. Rotate weekly at low doses. 2.5-5ml.

The RKAG locksmith is the perfect starting point for any crop. This product will neutralize your water and make sure the PH is right. This helps all the nutrients from the very beginning be readily available for the plant during the beginning stages of development.

This material contains potassium sulfate for plant disease. Also contains Omri Dextrose , sucrose , potassium humates , soy protein and brewers yeast. 

The Endo mycorrhizal fungi in this product will get roots shooting asap. 

1.15 billion rhizospheric micro organism to get you soil biology active as soon as it enters the soil. 

1/2 teaspoon weekly per 5 gallons or 1 teaspoon biweekly 

8 oz park includes 46 teaspoons aka doses 

Fertilzer Analysis (NPK)

Nitrogen(N): 0%
Phosphorus(P): 0%
Potassium(K): 5%