NOURISH - Poseidon's Gift 4-8-7 with Kelp/Cal/Mag (flower/Bloom) - Royal Knight Ag
NOURISH - Poseidon's Gift 4-8-7 with Kelp/Cal/Mag (flower/Bloom)

Highly concentrated micronized organics. Use the power of kelp to supercharge your plant’s blooming and flowering phase. Kelp is Poseidon’s gift to mother nature and now to your plants. L‐Amino Acids Bone Meal,Potassium Sulfate, Carbohydrates, calcium and Key Secondary & Micronutrients also aid in giving this formula the power it needs to insure that your plant returns massive yields.

  • Kelp extract stimulates flowering process, root growth, root development and rapid root strike
  • The L Amino acids enhance plant metabolism & increases metabolic efficiencies essential for healthy plant growth.
  • Calcium maximizes and increases efficiencies in both the reproductive & flowering processes.

Fertilzer Analysis (NPK)

Nitrogen(N): 4%
Phosphorus(P): 8%
Potassium(K): 7%