NOURISH - Carbon N+ 6-3-4 (veg) - Royal Knight Ag
NOURISH - Carbon N+ 6-3-4 (veg)

Highly Concentrated micronized organic NPK . NOURISH - Carbon N+ is an expertly mixed organic formula guaranteed to boost your plant’s vegetative growth potential. This broad spectrum formula contains a unique consortium of L‐Amino Acids, Humic Acid, Bone Meal, Potassium Sulfate, Carbohydrates and essential micronutrients.

  • Contains L Amino Acids which act as a chelating mechanism for micronutrients decreasing assimilation time for plants, while also acting as a readily available carbon source.
  • Humic Acids contained within this formula increases chlorophyll content.
  • Calcium strengthens cell wall and facilitates germination process.
  • Contains carbohydrates that act as a secondary carbon source for plants.

Fertilzer Analysis (NPK)

Nitrogen(N): 6%
Phosphorus(P): 3%
Potassium(K): 4%